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January 11, 2010


Since this is the first post on my new SQL Server flavoured blog, I figured I’d take the time to introduce myself.

I’m an Australian IT pro who has been working with Microsoft SQL Server for around 12 years.  My experience with the product dates back as far as SQL Server 6.0, and from there, all the way through to SQL Server 2008.  Over the dozen years or so I’ve been working with the product in Enterprise-Grade IT shops, I’ve picked up some good knowledge and pretty strong ideas about good practices for T-SQL development, MDX, SSAS cube development, SSRS report writing and more infrastructure-focused topics such as SQL Server/SSAS backup and recovery, Cluster design, SQL Server virtualization, security and more.  During the same period, I’ve also made a lot of efforts to get across the theory of best practices for data warehouse management, and had a few opportunities to put that knowledge to work.  I also had the good fortune to be sent on a 5 day BizTalk developer course in 2008, and have done a couple of MS Partner Academy courses on SharePoint and Performance Point.

Some of you may already be aware of the other Ozziemedes blog that I write.  For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to squeeze in time to do some .NET development and get my skills up in that area, and the Ozziemedes blog is my attempt at sharing some “Eureka!” moments with others who happen across it.  I’m taking the approach with that blog that “the best way to learn is to teach,” and working through a project that offers a nice mix of features, complexity and framework areas.

However, with this blog I am on much firmer ground, so the “Eureka!” moments may be a little more abstract, and the technical depth will be greater.  Ultimately, this blog is an opportunity for me to share what I know with the SQL Server community of practice.  Hopefully my insights will largely be correct, and of value!  I may occasionally stray into BizTalk and SharePoint topics over here – that' doesn’t mean I consider myself an expert on these products, but when I think I have something genuinely useful to share, you’re more likely to find it here than on the other blog.

As an extra teaser, I’m looking to build a SQL Server and BizTalk-based Enterprise Data Architecture Framework over the next year or so, and might share some of the design approaches I hope to build into the tool.  The tool will span ORM, cross-platform data acquisition, data quality management, master data management and real-time ETL into security, IT/Business operations, and historical data warehouses.


  1. Ozzie, which I must call you for you didn't introduce your name into your introduction, I wanted to let you know that I await your SQL postings with great enthusiasm. I would ask also that while you delve deep into all subjects SQL, that you remember there are those of us out here with little knowledge and that are trying to amend that, so if you can "talk down" to us newbies and slightly less new newbies, I, for one, would greatly appreciate it :) Thanks for being here!


  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for the comment. I won't try to "talk down" (here in Australia that expression suggests condescension), but I will make a best endeavour NOT to pitch the content at a level where only SQL Server gurus can understand it.

    I hope you'll get something useful out of the blog posts as they start appearing.


    Ozziemedes (Jeremy)


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