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January 15, 2010

Goals, Themes, Memes and Mayhem

Okay… still not the promised blog entry on doing nifty stuff with table metadata.  Another response to someone else’s blogging.  I just can’t help myself… call me a sucker for the #SQLPASS community, now that I know it exists.  Short, sharp and shiny will this be.

There’s a meme for 2010 goal-stating blogs doing the rounds on SQL Server MVP blogs at the moment.  Luminaries such as Brent Ozar (@BrentO), Jeremiah Peschka (@peschkaj), Andy Leonard (@AndyLeonard), Kevin Kline (@kekline),  and a host of others have all tagged other bloggers or been tagged by other bloggers in a copy-cat craze that has swept the gl0bal interwebz.

So… with the Meme out the way, onto the goals.

I am not a Microsoft MVP.  Yet.  My first goal for the year is to take a good number of steps in that direction by ticking off a few of the reasonably well understood criteria for earning the award.  I’m currently writing two blogs about Microsoft products from two very different perspectives – this one as an “expert” (aka “A drip under pressure”, as we like to call them here in Australia); and the Ozziemedes blog where I disavow all knowledge of what I *should* be doing, but am sharing my learning experiences with others.

My second goal for the year is do some contracting and get enough cash together to successfully complete both  SQL Server MCITP and .NET MCAD boot-camps by the end of Q3.  I’d also like to see if I can earn myself an MCT cert in SQL Server.

The third goal of the year is to get a small business called “Poddify” off the ground.  The basic concept of Poddify is simple: Podcast production and Publishing for small businesses.  I have skills and experience in the audio engineering and content production areas which make this a good fit for me.  I’d like to be supporting myself financially with this business and MS Training by the end of 2010, with a bit of help from 6 months worth of contracting.

Goal number four is to have a detailed outline for a book on Enterprise-grade Data Architecture using SQL Server completed by the end of the year.  I’d like to get the outline in front of a publisher in early 2011 and have the book published by 2012.  I have thoughts and knowledge in this area, and I’m keen to make sure that they are not lost should I get hit by a bus.

The final goal of the year is to start working on some software projects that I’ve had rattling around the back of my cranium.  These projects will lead to other people’s lives becoming simpler, and hopefully some additional pull-through income for me.

So now we come to the Theme part of the Meme.  Most of the bloggers above have nominated a single word theme for the year.  Mine will be “Liberty.”  I’ve spent most of the last 14 years in this industry making other people rich, busting my arse 48 weeks a year for little appreciation and quite frankly, a lot less money than I’m worth.  That changes this year.  I’m taking back control of my professional life and will be investing my time not in “being more useful to my employer,” but in “taking better care of myself.”

So… shout out time.  I want to tag Rob Farley (@Rob_Farley) and Greg Low (@Greg_Low) for the great work they do supporting the SQL Server community in Australia.  Rob is an MVP and consultant who runs the SQL Server user group in Adelaide that I started before life as a salariman started taking over my time, and Greg is one of 3 Regional Directors in Australia.  His track record of presenting and community work speaks for itself.  I know there are plenty of other people I *haven’t* given shout outs to, but these guys are role models to me – they’ve earnt them by being relentless in support of the SQL Server community for several years.

So… here’s to 2010.  May it bring success to you all, Liberty to me… oh… and World Peace!


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  1. Best of luck with your new business venture and taking back control of your career, I commend you. And welcome to the #SQLPASS family!


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